Opera Still Beats Firefox!

I downloaded the much hyped Firefox 2 last niight to give it a go.

Firefox has a lot going for it, I've got to admit. I really like its clean uncluttered appearance. I know I could configure Opera to look similar, but then I owuldn't have all those nifty buttons I use all the time. Contradictory- of course! 😀

After an hour or so of testing I've decided to give Firefox the flick, for one very simple reason. On my system, and that's obviously the only one I tested, scrolling down the page is terribly jerky and hard to look at. Even pressing "page Down" results in a jerky motion that takes a very noticeable time to complete.

Opera, by contrast, scrolls quite smoothly and pressing "Page down" gives an instant response.

I recently installed Ubuntu on an old P2 laptop and found that Firefox takes twice as long as Opera to start.

So Opera still rocks!

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