Keystone Cops Meet “Jihad Jack”- Law and Order in the Age of Terror.

The United States army can't find Osama, but the Australian Federal Police think a guy from Melbourne might try to contact him if they don't prohibit it in a control order. The Federal magistrate hearing the case thinks it's a joke– so do I!

Here's an idea. Why don't they lift the control order on Jack Thomas and follow him secretly when he tries to contact Osama bin Laden. They would catch him in no time.

If this guy is such a threat to society, why not just monitor all his phone calls, emails etc, follow him 24 hours a day and round up all the terrorists? You've got to wonder if this thing is just a political beat-up.

Here's the article from the ABC

Lawyers defend linking Thomas to bin Laden

Lawyers for the Australian Federal Police have defended a control order for Victorian man Jack Thomas.

The restrictions, which were put in place after his terrorism-related convictions were overturned, include a ban on Mr Thomas contacting the Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

The Federal Magistrates Court has been hearing whether a control order imposed on Mr Thomas should remain in place.

Today Mr Thomas' Melbourne-based lawyers challenged the control order, via a video link with the court in Canberra.

They say it is unrealistic to ban their client from contacting bin Laden.

Magistrate Graham Mowbray agreed and said that including the Al Qaeda leader's name looked farcical.

But a lawyer for the Federal Police says they cannot safely presume there is no possibility of contact between Mr Thomas and bin Laden.

The magistrate has ordered Mr Thomas be subject to the curfew, and the hearing has been adjourned until mid-September and transferred to Melbourne.


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