Finn takes mobile phone throwing crown

Finn takes mobile phone throwing crown

Lassi Etelaetalo of Finland beat out a slew of competitors to win the World Mobile Phone Throwing Championships title in Savonlinna, Finland, tossing his handset 89 metres.

Etelaetalo, who competed in the original "over-the-shoulder-throw" event being held for the seventh straight year, fell short of the world record of 94.97 metres set in 2005.

"It was a really fast throw with lots of power," one of the organisers, Juha Lukkonen, said.

Second place went to last year's champion, fellow Finn Mikko Lampi, who tossed a distance of 87.17 metres.

The games include events for individuals or teams.

Phone throwers can compete in the "original" category, a straight over-arm pitch where length is the main factor, and in "freestyle", where points are also given for style, costume and character, as well as general sobriety.

Organisers say the event is "the only sport where you can pay back all the frustration and disappointments caused by this modern equipment".

Numerous countries now organise national events but at this year's world championship the large majority of competitors were Finns, apart from a few from Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.


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