Another Awesome Sunday!

Wow! What a great Sunday morning service this Sunday. Margaret Baxter presented a great sermon, we had excellent worship and ate jelly beans as well!

But the best bit was the number of visitors and the way that God is drawing people in.

We had 6 first-timers this week.

Two were members of the Baxter extended clan. They came because they were related to people who have been coming for some months… no surprises there.

One was a young guy who was there with his girl-friend who is an occasional attender. Interestingly, Tom is someone whom I had previously tutored in maths and/or physics. He was a surprise!

The other three arrived through a long and torturous process. One of them in particular desperately needed to feel God's love. He was someone whom I knew from a long time ago, someone who had been backsliding for a long time. Now he is reaping a terrible harvest: lost business, lost family, lost home, fallen into alcoholism…. listening to his story was like reading the early part of Job. But now, he is recognising that he has to get right with God. He cried all the way through the service.

His sister is also someone who is feeling her way back into church. Margaret got to minister to her for quite some time after church.

A funny part in all this though. The third person in that group was very uncomfortable in the whole deal. He is the boyfriend of the sister, and when she asked him if he wanted to go to church with her, he said "Yes," but it didn't seem to register with him that that was where they were going until they actually came into the building!

God is working all over the place calling his people back to Himself.

Maybe you are like one of these people in our church on Sunday, and you are needing to get back to a living relationship with the living God. Don't delay! Ask God today to take a hold of your life. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and commit yourself to following His ways. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a church or another group of christians who will lead you in the ways of the Lord.

Be blessed


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